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Renaissance Girl is a Chicago lifestyle blog by Laura Notorangelo for every person who loves to explore and find new travel destinations, restaurants, recipes and events.

A Farm-to-Crust Spin on Pizza

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From the perspective of a food and drink blogger, avid traveler and epicurean, Renaissance Girl brings you restaurants, reviews, events, drinks and recipes from an amateur chef and food blogger around Chicago and New York.

A Farm-to-Crust Spin on Pizza

Laura Notorangelo

As an Italian living in Chicago, it's safe to say that pizza is a passion for me. So I am always excited to learn about classic and innovative takes on my favorite food.

And with Bake425, fresh and locally sourced farm-to-crust ingredients are prepared in-house and delivered to your place.  Bake425 is one year old and based all around the North Shore of ChicagoN and in Hinsdale.

The pizza comes pre-assembled and you can choose from their recipes or design your own pizza. Then, all you do is pop it in the oven! Pizza, cookies and gelato are just a few of the mouthwatering options.

Pair your meal with a craft beer or bottle of wine and you have a fresh, easy and healthy spread.