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Renaissance Girl is a Chicago lifestyle blog by Laura Notorangelo for every person who loves to explore and find new travel destinations, restaurants, recipes and events.

Living the Mediterranean Diet

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From the perspective of a food and drink blogger, avid traveler and epicurean, Renaissance Girl brings you restaurants, reviews, events, drinks and recipes from an amateur chef and food blogger around Chicago and New York.

Living the Mediterranean Diet

Laura Notorangelo

I'm all about finding new ways to make little healthy changes in my life. Because even though they are convenient and save time, unhealthy snacks, additives and fast food really have negative side effects. Living the Mediterranean Diet is a new cookbook that incorporates the classic utilization of lean seafood for protein, plenty of vegetables for vitamins, and not to be afraid of the right carbs and starches.

This refreshing cookbook dives into the benefits of vegetables and sporadic healthy fats. With recipes like Heirloom Tomato & Kale Pizza and Seared Scallops over Spinach, you can be good to yourself and still have unique and flavorful food.



Photography courtesy of Ulysses Press/Nick Nigro, Bay Ewald, Dulcet Creative. This post wouldn't be possible without my friends at FELIX Magazine.