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What Happens at Fremont Event Recap

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From the perspective of a food and drink blogger, avid traveler and epicurean, Renaissance Girl brings you restaurants, reviews, events, drinks and recipes from an amateur chef and food blogger around Chicago and New York.

What Happens at Fremont Event Recap

Laura Notorangelo

In the River North neighborhood of Chicago, "What Happens at Fremont" introduced Fremont as one of Chicago's new social dining venues. Bloggers, writers and editors mingled on Fremont's second floor with a skylight view of the illuminated Chicago buildings overhead.

The menu preview included flatbread with a refreshing twist of parmesan, dressed greens and grapes. The chef also showed off their southern knowledge, catering a gooey mac and cheese dish, crunchy and moist fried chicken, waffle corners and a tangy coleslaw.

Fremont's cuisine complemented their namesake ice-cold Moscow mules throughout the evening. The contemporary aesthetic of Fremont makes it an ideal place to treat yourself with unique fare in a comfortable atmosphere. Whether at lunch, after work or hanging out on the weekend, Fremont is a great place to say "cheers"!

Photos courtesy of Christopher Andrews and Fremont Chicago.