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Chicago, IL

Renaissance Girl is a Chicago lifestyle blog by Laura Notorangelo for every person who loves to explore and find new travel destinations, restaurants, recipes and events.



Travel and events from a lifestyle Chicago blogger. Renaissance Girl brings you the best places to visit in Chicago.

The Magic of Mackinac Island

Laura Notorangelo

Mackinac, Mackinaw, however you spell it, it’s a wonderful place to be.  (Also, it's prounounced maak-in-aww.) This island sits on the waters of Lake Huron between Canada and Michigan. But even more charming than its seclusion is its refusal to modernize; cars aren’t allowed in the island! So it’s common to see horses and carriages as the modern form of transportation.

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What I Love About Perth, Australia

Laura Notorangelo

Although Perth is considered the most isolated big city in the world (yea, the world!) it made the long trip from Chicago totally worth it. First off, check out the view at King's Park in Perth, you look over the whole city!

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A Healthy Dose of Inspiration

Laura Notorangelo

I recently was given a wonderful perspective on how to nurture relationships in my life. To be with someone, you both need to think of yourselves as two trees growing next to each other. Both trees need equal space so they can both grow in each other's company. They need equal space because one can be overshadowed and wither away if it's too close to the other. I was so inspired by this idiom that I wanted to whip up a design to encompass this idea.

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