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3 Ways to Take the Edge Off Commuting


Travel and events from a lifestyle Chicago blogger. Renaissance Girl brings you the best places to visit in Chicago.

3 Ways to Take the Edge Off Commuting


Commuting isn't the most fun form of traveling, but it is what it is! As a commuter, these small things have helped me maintain my sanity throughout the stress of commuting. If you're in need of some TLC while traveling, it's really the little things that help!

Never miss a text or email again with this elegant phone charger that charges two devices at once!

Next, dab a few drops of essential oil between your wrists and under your nose for a clinically studied and proven way to relax.

Lastly, stay hydrated with a glass water bottle. This reduces your risk of exposure to dangerous plastic chemicals, plus when you're hydrated, you don't get as hangry. Cheers!