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8 Gifts Ideas for your Wanderlusting Partner


Travel and events from a lifestyle Chicago blogger. Renaissance Girl brings you the best places to visit in Chicago.

8 Gifts Ideas for your Wanderlusting Partner

Laura Notorangelo

Not to be a total consumerist, but sometimes it's nice to show our loved ones that we're thinking of them and want the best for them. I also love making gifts and repurposing things to reduce my carbon footprint. But for a special occasion like a birthday, anniversary, graduation, new job, wedding, etc., these gifts may be the unique finds you've been looking for.

For the busy bee

This universal Something Strong messenger bag will match anything and go anywhere. It fits up to a 13'' laptop with two separate compartments, an inside zipper compartment and an outside zipper too. The strap detaches too, so you can carry it like a briefcase, if desired.

For the dapper one

Who doesn't love a good bowtie? Beau Ties are the kind of classy and cute bowties you'd see on a yacht. I think a nice bowtie really sends a message of class and sophistication on any human, dog or kitty!

For the natural beauty

I'm all for natural products, as we're exposed to so many toxic chemicals in everyday items like soap, shampoo and even food! Serenity acres soap has 16 organic products with goat's milk, olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil and no preservatives, alcohol or chemicals. Phew!

For the sun worshipper

I'm just now discovering head wraps, they're great to keep your hair under wraps for humid days, or when you're out in the sun. This Hadry wrap can be worn simply, or you can tie it in a cute knot. Either way, it's a look to love!

For the entertainer

WKND Sparkling Wine is a great brand of California bubbly to have on hand. It has notes of citrus, white peach & grapefruit. It's always good to have on hand, you never know when a celebration may come around the corner! And isn't life itself worth celebrating? Cheers!

For the city slicker

Living in a big city has it's perks! But tough weather can wear down your wardrobe faster than you think. Blunt umbrellas come with GPS tracking so you'll stay savvy in the rain!

For the chill lounger

Jason Scott makes the coziest casual wear that definitely holds its value. It's marketed towards men, but I as a female-bodied person love their clothes, and gender shouldn't matter! Wear what makes you comfortable.

For the minimalist

If you only need your laptop, keys and wallet, this STM laptop bag is ideal. It doesn't take up much space and only fits the essentials, which is good for traveling. We all know how cramped airplanes can be!