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Renaissance Girl is a Chicago lifestyle blog by Laura Notorangelo for every person who loves to explore and find new travel destinations, restaurants, recipes and events.

Traveling Through Rome, Florence and Pompeii


Travel and events from a lifestyle Chicago blogger. Renaissance Girl brings you the best places to visit in Chicago.

Traveling Through Rome, Florence and Pompeii

Laura Notorangelo

It's no secret that I was bitten by the travel bug, bad. I want to go everywhere! I can't tell you how many times I've thought of quitting the American life to go be a gypsy.

To keep track of all the places in my mind, I have a cool world map hanging above my desk with white pushpins on cities where I have been, and red pushpins where I want to go! It's a fun motivator to stay accountable.

I'm the most inspired from Italy; after all, my last name is Notorangelo! I stayed in Rome and traveled to Pompeii and Florence; Florence was evidently my favorite, as they had many of Leonardo DaVinci's sculptures like the original David and so much more.

Pompeii was gorgeous for the natural beauty of the land and the sad, stoic history etched in it's walls. It was a calm reminder of the destructiveness of nature, yet the perseverance of people.

Lastly, Rome was simply humbling, to know that a once grand civilization crumbled to the ground, and I was lucky enough to see it. I also barely spoke Italian, so I took kindly to strangers who were patient enough to explain things to me with hand gestures and vocal tone. It's amazing how non-verbal communication is helpful when you don't speak the language!