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New York Fashion Week Recap


Travel and events from a lifestyle Chicago blogger. Renaissance Girl brings you the best places to visit in Chicago.

New York Fashion Week Recap

Laura Notorangelo

I was recently in Manhattan for New York Fashion Week. At NYFW, it’s standard for women to show off the creme de la creme of their wardrobe. So Chanel handbags, YSL stilettos and fur coats were the norm. It was under 10 degrees my first day there, and I luckily had warm Chanel slacks for a show and presentation. But the rest of my wardrobe was less than cozy.

It was so cold that editors and bloggers missed fashion shows; I guess Renaissance Girl just had to represent! Plus, it will be interesting to see F/W NYFW this year, since Mercedes Benz backed out and the Lincoln Center is no longer hosting. 

Aside from fashion, my favorite thing about NYC was the food. This mega-city has any cuisine you can imagine; Southern, French, Korean, Italian, etc. So I took the liberty of trying pho, oysters, lobster rolls, deli sandwiches, macarons, New York style pizza, and more. The foodie scene definitely made me feel more at home. 

At the end of the week, I learned so much about NYC, the fashion industry and entrepreneurship. It was exciting, fulfilling, eye-opening and exhausting all at the same time. That being said, seeing the Chicago skyline as I descended into my hometown was a sight for sore eyes.